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Even though this is not a children's site, and I do not solicit personal information from children, I abide by the rules of the Federal Trade Commission because I know that children surf the web. Therefore, I do not knowingly respond to children under the age of 13 without parental consent.

Parents, if you do not want your kids to read about death or grief, please adjust your parental control settings and have a conversation with your children. To read more about children's safety on the Internet, go to Protecting Kids Online, the FTC resource page. 

The Internet has transformed our lives. Never before have we had access to so much information, but this is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that all information is available to us all the time. The bad news is that lots of it is wrong.

I want you to feel safe here. I link to outside web sites to inform or comfort you and I am careful in my choices. If you use these links, however, I cannot guarantee the content, accuracy or safety of external sites.
In keeping with electronic safety guidelines, I do not open E-mail attachments from senders I do not know. A sad fact of life in cyberspace. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

While we're on the subject of Internet safety, your Windows computer needs virus, malware and spyware protection programs. Update them often. Apple includes this automatically with its devices and Safari is a secure browser. It is always good practice to delete your computer's Cookie files and browsing history after you visit any site. NEVER open attachments from senders that you do not know. 
From personal experience, I believe the Windows browser Explorer 11 has security issues. Windows 10 Edge may be better, but if you have a Windows computer, try Firefox for safer, faster browsing. Free download. I do not profit from suggesting Firefox. I only want you to be safe on the Internet.  
Why no Facebook or other social media?

Some visitors have asked me why I don’t have a Facebook page or use other social media. The answer is simple: I am old enough to remember life before computers when people embraced privacy and the charm of distance. Now flamers, online predators, identity thieves, cyberbullies, Internet trolls and SPAM advertisers saturate the information superhighway. 
The only thing I can control on the Internet is the content of my own web site. Because I respect the dignity and privacy of grievers, I will not willingly subject my visitors to the rampant abuses that appear like unwanted house guests on social media technologies such as Facebook or Twitter. For me, a few bad apples really do spoil the whole bushel. This may be another sad fact of life in cyberspace, but I choose to not participate.

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Why can’t I find a page or link that used to be here?

Over the last ten years, The Grieving Heart® meandered into many topics and lost its purpose. I have deleted 40 pages to bring it back to the original focus of grief and helping grievers.

Web addresses come and go and I cannot guarantee the accuracy, safety or longevity of third-party (external) sites. Adding links by request, or finding and fixing broken links are massive time consumers, so I have deleted many outside sources and will limit additions in the future. The external links that remain are checked on a regular basis and related to grief, helping grievers and pet loss. 

I will continue to honor and remember veterans and fallen soldiers because it is the least I can do for those who have given so much.

I hope that my renewed attention to grief information will make The Grieving Heart® a better experience and comfort for you. Thank you for visiting. CJ



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Christine at The Grieving Heart dot info 

A Word About E-mail: One way to decrease SPAM caused by Internet bots is to deactivate the live address link. You can still contact me by typing this address into your own e-mail program using @, a period, and no spaces, the standard e-mail format. Thank you.

Note to Visitors:
I read and respond to grief email at the end of each month when I update this site. If you need a more timely response, please visit a well moderated grief healing discussion group. It is free to use and requires registration to participate. I am not part of this group, but certified grief counselors are there to help, support and comfort grievers and those who love them. Because the counselors lost funding for the site, they are grateful for voluntary donations.
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How complicated and individual mending is, the time required for healing
cannot be measured against any fixed calendar
. Mary Jane Moffat
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