Merlin's Gift


Eddie's Story
Eddie (top) and Merlin, circa 2000
I believe that animals are spiritual perfection and I have no doubt that I will be reunited with my pets when I get to the other side. Merlin was a large majestic golden cat with a thundering purr. I found him when he was three weeks old and bottle-fed him through infancy.

A feral tom attacked him a few years later and I found him unconscious in the back yard. I held together his open bleeding neck while I waited on the kitchen floor for a home veterinary service to arrive. He had surgery and made a full recovery. We had a strong bond—not many people bottle-feed their pets, or have to put pressure on their pet’s jugular vein to keep him from bleeding to death.

Merlin slept with me every night. He waited until I settled in, and then jumped on the bed to position himself against my legs. He usually purred us to sleep. Time passed and he finally succumbed to renal disease at the age of eleven years, six months.

On the night after his death, I got into bed thinking how much I would miss my dear Merlin. Soon I felt something jump on the bed and settle against my legs. I looked but saw nothing. And then I heard his booming purr. As I drifted towards sleep, I knew that Merlin had come back to let me know that he was just fine because he had made it Home. 
Was Merlin's visit real or wishful thinking on my part? I don't know, but the experience was comforting and that's enough for me.

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