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What wound did ever heal but by degrees?
William Shakespeare

There is a piece of Eastern wisdom that tells me we teach best what we need to know. Creating the Grieving Heart® web site forced me to examine my own grief. I hesitated to include my story because it is, after all, just one woman’s journey. Grief is both universal and unique: We all grieve but we differ in the ways we grieve. How can my experiences possibly matter to you?
Some of my writing reflects the pain of new grief written almost a decade ago. Other passages express healing over time. Such is the nature of loss. I finally decided to add this section with the sincere intention that it helps you sort through your own loss and grief and, in some way, assists you in your healing.
I have read about the gifts of grief and, at first, the idea repulsed me. Mom’s death was not a gift. It helps me to remember that I grieve because I loved her. If I hadn’t loved her, I wouldn’t hurt. It is through this pain that change occurs and, if I am honest, grief changed me in some unexpected ways.

I appreciate little things more and take fewer things for granted. I have greater patience with other people and myself. I say thank you more often. I am most grateful for the notes that I receive from grievers. Knowing that my writing comforts others is a genuine gift that hides in the dark.

And yet, I would trade every new life direction, every note of thanks and every change of attitude if I could have my parents back. I didn’t go searching for these gifts of grief. They found me through my loss.

Because grief and healing are ever changing, this site will always be a work in progress.
Thank you for spending a few moments at The Grieving Heart®. I hope you found something here to comfort you. Please visit again.

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April 2019


Why can’t I find a page or link that used to be here?

Over the last eleven years, The Grieving Heart® meandered into many topics and lost its purpose. I have deleted 40 pages to bring it back to the original focus of grief and helping grievers.

Web addresses come and go and I cannot guarantee the accuracy, safety or longevity of third-party (external) sites. Adding links by request, or finding and fixing broken links are massive time consumers, so I have deleted many outside sources and will limit additions in the future. The external links that remain are checked on a regular basis and related to grief, helping grievers and pet loss. 

I will continue to honor and remember veterans and fallen soldiers because it is the least I can do for those who have given so much.

I hope that my renewed attention to grief information will make The Grieving Heart® a better experience and comfort for you. Thank you for visiting. CJ



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How complicated and individual mending is,
the time required for healing
cannot be measured against any fixed calendar
Mary Jane Moffat
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